Reduce to Rejuvenate in Spring

Historians say that our spring cleaning traditions originated from a time when homes were heated by coal and wood fires; where smoke would permeate the entire home. When spring arrived it was time to air out the rugs and draperies, line dry the linens and wash the walls and windows.

Fortunately our homes are much more efficient now. However spring is a great time for a fresh start. It is a time to renew, shake off the dust, rid ourselves of the unused, and refresh our homes and consequently ourselves.

For a lot of people, de-cluttering and purging of personal items is one of the hardest things to do. So hard for some in fact that they don’t ever do it, and end up living with so much stuff, they can’t think clearly. With good intentions they face the clutter to do something about it. Maybe if it is better organized it won’t be so bad. So they purchase how to books, new containers and gadgets and cleaning products only to end up with more stuff! Then with sleeves rolled up they take one look at the clutter, feel overwhelmed and decide to try it again another day. Unfortunately on that later day there will be even more stuff to contend with.

The only way to face this; as with any challenge, is head on! Some of the stuff has got to go!

What is it we are searching for or clinging to in the things? Happiness, memories, times gone by? A time when we were thinner, happier, younger? If we remove our emotions and identity from the things, what does that leave? Would we be someone different without these things? Embrace and honour who you are right now. Don’t be afraid to let go of the old unused things. They are only things.

Certainly there are sentimental things we all have that we would not consider parting with, but what about the things we have not used or admired lately? Can they go? Can someone with less, benefit and use these things, instead of them taking up our space?

Reducing clutter and living an organized life creates space for focus and clarity of mind. It invites relaxation, flow and calm. It provides the opportunity for more freedom of time. Not to mention having a home that is quicker and easier to clean. When we live in order we are able to find the things we are looking for when we need them, instead of buying multiples of them.

My Friend Stephanie Roberts puts it so eloquently:                                                                                                                                When you clean up your clutter you also uncover a deeper sense of who you are, greater clarity about your life’s purpose, and valuable insight into what makes you truly happy.

To your clutter free life!