What Our Clients Have Said…

Your time and services were very much appreciated over this challenging time. The efficiency and care you and your team took to pack and organize my late dad’s belongings made it all so much easier.  Jake

Under a very difficult time and extraordinary conditions, you helped us with the near impossible – we will be forever grateful. Patti

Just wanted you to know I adopted ALL of your advice and sold within a week for over the asking price.
Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all of your advice. It was well worth all the work and I am very grateful to you.
Thanks so much!
Denise I, Homeowner

Anne made it all go away!
You are professional, kind with a smile, working fast and with determination – giving me hope and new energy – that there will be an end. Finally – all is good!
Thank you Anne. Appreciate your help and connections.
Ilse – homeowner

The owners at Kent ended up doing everything you recommended. Their place sold tonight with competing offers. I think your guidance added at least $20K to their sale.
Thank you
Kevin, Realtor

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Anne for her thoughtfulness and kindness through a difficult time. Having to stage my house for selling and then packing seemed a very daunting task to me, but then Anne came along. She consulted with me, helped me make decisions and was considerate of my feelings. The house was packed up in a timely manner and the care and attention to details and the wrapping of my numerous elephant ornaments was wonderful and everything reached my new home in one piece. So thank you Anne for an amazing job and I’ll recommend you to anyone who needs the kind of service that you give.
Kim, homeowner

Thank you very much for your help with getting our house ready for showing, and helping us to make the money that we did! You recognized that as a working family with young kids, we still had to live in the house while it was listed, and open for showings. We were thankful for your philosophy on utilizing the items we already had in our house, and the clear and realistic suggestions you made regarding how to simplify and stage the space. Your warm, friendly, and professional approach was greatly appreciated in a very busy and stressful time.
Kyla & James, homeowner

Omg Anne!! Everything looks unbelievably amazing!! We have never seen the garage like this! Wow you are wonderful! Thank you for pulling this all together in such a short time frame…you have given us such peace of mind.
Lisa L, homeowner

I am a real estate agent and I like to use Anne’s services as part of the services I provide to my clients. Anne is extremely friendly and I always have great reviews from my clients about her. I had a client that had previously had a bad experience with a realtor/stager and my client was very leery of having a consultation with Anne. Anne put him at ease, reassured him that it is his home and that he still has to live there and that he is still in control. My client was so happy with his experience with Anne that he told me he is going to use her other services in the future for organizing and packing and such. Anne talks to my clients about how to improve the appeal of their home in the best way possible and without them having to spend a lot of money. It saves me from the often awkward and embarrassing task of doing it myself. She provides them with an easy to follow list of things to do, a moving out check list and more. Anne is extremely accommodating and has been available for me on very short notice. She makes me look good! I will continue to use Anne in the future and I kind of want to keep her my little secret. 😉
– Kristy D., Sutton Group West Coast Realty

Moving from a home in which one has lived for 55 years can be a very traumatic experience but with the excellent help of an expert such as Anne James much of the stress is removed. All details of the actual move were seen to. Packing and unpacking done, all arrangements made and belongings and furniture in place when we arrived at our new abode. Anne’s pleasant disposition and professional but caring attitude were greatly appreciated were greatly appreciated. I highly recommend her services.
– Margaret W., Homeowner

We feel very fortunate to have found Anne. Anne came highly recommended to us in a time of need and we were thrilled with the results. We needed one of our executive properties staged quickly and Anne slipped us into her schedule immediately providing us with a comprehensive quote within 48 hours of meeting her. She worked tirelessly to get the job done on time and on budget; in fact, slightly under budget. Warm and personable, we would not hesitate to recommend Anne and we look forward to working with her again!
– Scott Clarke & Karen Todd, Sutton Group – 1st West Realty

Anne has been an absolute pleasure to work with every single time! Every client of ours she meets with can’t say enough about how genuine, compassionate and professional she is in her visits and how her vision shines through. Often it is difficult with a home seller to part ways with their decor and how their home is arranged. I regularly have clients call me and tell me that she did such a good job in staging the home they don’t want to sell anymore! That is the biggest complement Anne could get!
She is an integral part of our team and continues to make us look good! For our staging and design ideas we only turn to Anne!
– Scott J., RE/MAX Sabre Realty

Your clients are going to love you for bringing Anne into their home to stage it! She’s fantastic at making “de-cluttering suggestions” and with rearranging the existing furniture in a home in such a way that it gives the home a fresh new look!
– Josh B., Keller Williams Elite Realty

I am very impressed with Anne’s professionalism and attention to detail. She is fabulous with my clients, from older couples downsizing, to modern young executive couples looking for that state of the art feel. The homes Anne has staged for me have sold within weeks and with very happy Sellers. They all found her expertise extremely helpful and the homes looked fantastic. Thank you Anne.
– Ina E., Prudential Sussex Realty

Anne is our go-to for all our clients’ staging. She gives us a full analysis of the homes, followed by an email, clearly telling the clients what will help their home sell quicker. Not only are we satisfied, but our clients keep telling us that she is easy to understand and made a huge difference. We would highly recommend “A Place for Everything” to anyone looking to have their home better prepared to sell, for the maximum price!
– Ray H., RE/MAX Sabre Realty

What a nice treat sleeping in a clean room last night. My place feels great and the energy is so much better. My husband was so impressed too. Thanks so much again!
All the best and please don’t hesitate to use me as a reference should you ever need to have one.
– Anna C., Homeowner

I must enthusiastically recommend Anne, A Place for Everything, to anyone looking to move, downsize or just getting organized. From her ability to work through sensitive situations with people and their possessions to the logistics of sorting and removing all sorts of material so that nothing unnecessary goes to waste or to landfill. She managed this in an amazingly short period of time so that we could get the house on the market as quickly as possible. She is a tremendous resource that would help a real estate professional like myself or any homeowner who is simply overwhelmed with the task of getting ready to sell or simply to make one’s life more streamlined and easier to manage. She is also a skilled organizer and home stager. Another idea would be give a gift of her services to someone who is just ‘stuck’ in their home and needs to get moving.  She was able to do a careful step by step list for one of my sellers who wanted to do the work herself to prepare for listing. That list was invaluable to both of us. We were able to check our progress and feel satisfied. I find everyone enjoys a beautiful and organized home but some cannot seem to get there. With Anne’s help, anyone can do it and have the satisfaction that they have accomplished this with or without help.  On all those occasions where Anne was involved the houses showed at their best and sold very quickly. The investment in Anne’s expertise is very worthwhile. I give Anne 11 Stars out of 10!
– Deborah Silverman, Macdonald Realty Westmar

Anne James is truly a “miracle worker” on homes that need a little (or a lot) of help with accumulated treasures and staging. I have seen her accomplish some unbelievable de-cluttering jobs while totally charming the Sellers. She works gently but diligently with everyone I have referred her to. She draws on her decorating knowledge and uses the existing furnishings – making for a superbly presented home at a very reasonable cost. This is a huge benefit to our Sellers. It not only makes the sale of their home easier and quicker but most importantly it increases the sale price! I will definitely keep referring her.
– Cheryl A., Prudential Sterling Realty

Anne did an incredible job organizing an estate home for me. Recognizing how difficult the process was for me, and how overwhelmed I was by the size and nature of the task, she quickly took charge of the situation, all the while remaining very supportive and sensitive, identifying and separating out items of sentimental value and meaning and putting them aside for me. She sorted through and organized an astounding amount household items and personal affects in a relatively short amount of time.  In addition to being extremely organized, she was quick, efficient, sensitive and respectful throughout. I appreciated that she took a lot of initiative, while at the same time, staying in contact with me, and consulting with me as necessary. She was careful to ensure that as much as possible, things were donated or recycled first, and sent to the landfill only when necessary. I would highly recommend Anne/A Place for Everything for any job requiring a highly skilled and effective organizer. Her work is first rate.
– Hedy R., Homeowner

We have lived in the same home for 15 years, so all storage areas, nooks and crannies became filled with “stuff” over time.  We then added to our own clutter by taking in my Mom’s things when she moved into a care home several years ago.  I kept telling myself “I can do this” but never seemed to make much headway on my own.  Finally I realized that I wasn’t going to make any serious progress without professional help, I just couldn’t seem to get the process started.  I had been reading Anne’s column in our local newsletter “The Queensborough Times” and liked her simple, straightforward advice so gave her a call.  From the moment she arrived on my doorstep, Anne made everything seem doable.  She arrived with boxes, bags, tape, markers and a big smile. Amazingly enough, she actually enjoys de-cluttering and has a way of diving right in so progress is quickly made.  Her friendly, non-judgmental style was very soothing and she was able to encourage me to release my “treasures” back into the universe for someone else to use.  We had orginally planned to list our house for sale next spring, but the cleanup went so quickly with Anne’s help, that we listed this spring instead.  In addition to de-cluttering, Anne made many helpful suggestions for staging our home to make it more appealing to prospective buyers.  In fact, it looks so great now that I am wondering why we would ever want to move out!  I would encourage anyone who is thinking of selling their home, or is simply feeling the pressure of too much clutter weighing them down, to contact Anne for assistance. You will be so glad you did!
– Candace P., Homeowner

Just a quick note to thank you for the very competent job that you have done for clearing out all the remaining furniture and remnants of belongings in our house prior to transfer to its new owners. We were very pleased with the way that you sorted contents into various categories and packed them into boxes and bags for disposal as useful giveaways to appropriate organizations. And then you removed the sizable quantity of materials stored in my workshop, including dismantling a work bench, and taking them to the recycling depot and dump. Vacuuming and a sweep up was a nice final touch – all at a very reasonable cost.
We shall have no hesitation in recommending you to others.
– Audrey & Max W., Homeowners

As a Realtor you would think I would know well enough what sells a house, how it should look, and what features should or not be present. I recently sold the family home and I asked Anne for recommendations and suggestions how to improve the presentability of the property. She took care of everything, was able to use some of our furniture, and brought in what extra was needed. Artwork and accessories were added to make a complete package, giving us the predicament of ‘why are we leaving?’ I highly recommend Anne and A Place For Everything if you wish to maximize the impact your home will have on buyers. We had multiple offers the first weekend and sold for over the asking price as a result of Anne’s hard work.
– Eric H., Prudential Sterling Realty

I hired Anne James when I realized that I could not get my family, (2 children and husband), organized on my own. It was one against three – the odds were stacked against me. Anne arrived, talked me down and we made a plan together. She would arrive in the morning with a huge smile, lots of boxes and energy to burn. She would leave with a carfull of stuff to be given away. We became a team and I had an ally!!! She kept the energy moving forward when I got bogged down. I learned basic principles that I continue to apply. The rest of my family are now engaged in the process as well. I have been recommending her to my friends ever since!
– Cynthia G., Homeowner

In a Spring that saw my husband in hospital, my two young children newly out of school, and the contents of our big house needing to be sorted and stored for a move — Anne James was the one answer to the constant question:  “how the heck am I going to do this?”  With her quiet and cheerful presence, and her constant offer to help, or find others that can, she made the impossible possible.  Now when I’m faced with a moment that has me crawling the walls, I remember that Anne is always at the end of the phone.  She is so much more than a professional organizer — she is somewhere between a psychologist and a demi-god.  No one who has used her services would ever deny that she is the answer to many un-answered prayers.
– Tobi D., Homeowner

I referred you to one of my clients recently and I wanted to let you know that your consultation resulted in them getting multiple offers the first week of listing and it sold way over asking price.  Your advice helped them stage the house to be clean, crisp and very inviting.  You were able to do this in a very practical and easy way for them to follow-up on themselves.  They were impressed with your expertise.

I also wanted to let you know that in regards to my own house, your advice helped us sell quickly as well in the first week it was listed.  Your notes after your consultation were a great help to get into action and stage the home with just the right accents placed in just the right place that we already owned!  It was fun and it worked!!  It made a difference!  Thank you for that!!

In the future I would not hesitate to refer you to my clients and call upon your service for myself and my family.
– Dianne S., Prudential Sterling Realty

I always feel confident in referring your name to clients or potential clients.  You have demonstrated that it doesn’t matter how big or how small the job you tackle it with enthusiasm and treat the clients very professionally.  Your ability to showcase a property is awesome and I will continue to pass your name along whenever possible.
– Gord A., Prudential  Sterling Realty

When faced with the need for the quick sale of my home Anne offered me many great suggestions for organizing and de-cluttering as well as quick and inexpensive ideas for a professionally decorated look. With an extremely short time frame to work with I was able to sell my place after being listed for only a week.
– Kevin M., Homeowner

Anne James was a real life saver for me when we made a serious decision to move from a 2800 square foot home (not including storage), to a 1600 square foot townhouse with no storage.

She came for an initial one hour consultation and quickly went through the whole house making 3 pages of notes for us to follow.  I however still felt overwhelmed and called Anne to see if she would come and help us get de-cluttered and have the house in “selling shape”.

She was so understanding and reassuring and not pushy and wasted not a second after asking me what parts of the house were the hardest to start.  I was then able to carry on between her visits with an optimistic attitude; that it was possible to really get the house ready for sale and to move.

It was a fabulous bonus that her partner Mark was a handy-man and was able to do many fix-up jobs to help get the house ready to sell.

Best bonus – we feel like we have two new comfortable friends whom we don’t hesitate to recommend to anyone.
– Maureen M., Homeowner