A Place For Everything offers many services to get your home in order whether you are preparing to sell, wanting to create a more pleasing space to live in, or helping a loved one in need.  With every visit, we offer Emotional Support and provide calm in an overwhelming situation.  We strive to do this before, during, and after our visit takes place.  We are here for you, without judgement, to gently help you let go and move on to the next step in your life.


Professional Home Organizing:

Free yourself from clutter, simplify your home and your life. We will create systems that work for you, your family, and your lifestyle.

Downsizing + Space Planning + Move Management + Estate Clearing:

We offer complete downsizing services including packing, moving, unpacking, removal of packing materials, hanging art, removal of unwanted items, pick up of auction and consignment items, garbage removal, cleaning services, and scheduling any other services that may be required.  Know what will fit into your new smaller space before you move. Avoid added stress when moving by taking too much with you, and overstuffing your new home. Space planning ensures there is ‘A Place For Everything’ when it arrives.

Home Staging:

The Consultation – Realtors® love this one!  Get the information you need to stage your home yourself. Receive a 1-1 ½ hour walkthrough and a detailed report/checklist on how to prepare your home for sale.  This is a Hands-On approach to getting your home ready for sale by a Certified Home Stager!  Whether we complement your existing furniture and accessories with some of our own or completely fill an empty home, we provide all the necessary items for rent for as long as you need them.

Other Services:

Donating to Charity  •  Opening a Home Consignment Account in your Name  •  Recycling  • Home Repairs and Maintenance (Upgrade Plumbing – Install Lighting Fixtures – Small Building Projects – Power Washing – Fence Repair)  •  Furniture and Accessories Sourcing for Purchase  •  Concierge Services


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