Pictures tell a story. Whether you are downsizing, de-cluttering, moving furniture around or planning to sell your home, condo or apartment, we are there to hear your needs and put the steps in motion.

bathroom staging
Staging for a sale…minimalism is key. Show off the features your home offers.
living-room de-cluttering
When clutter is scattered everywhere and boxes become stacked in your living room, a little reorganizing of closets makes room for those boxes that seemed permanent fixtures.
open concept staging
Preparing for the sale of your home can be overwhelming! Consider using offsite storage for the items you use the least often thereby making space for items that are used frequently without cluttering your space. Items that are tagged as donatable can subsequently help with the packing stage of the move. Packing assistance is also part of our services.
living-room de-cluttering
Becoming attached to items of sentimental value makes it difficult to downsize. We are here to help make those tough decisions and find new homes for your items. We bring them directly to donation agencies or pass them on to families that will value them as much as you have.
Studio apartments are always fun projects…Creating the illusion of different rooms is key while not losing sight of combining the need for organization and function.