Freedom Filer Filing

Paper and where to put it is the most common problem we see in client homes. Creating a filing system that is specific to your needs, and easy to use, is the starting point of ending the piles of paper. I LOVE FREEDOM FILER; it makes so much sense and in many areas is self-purging! Check out our Associates page for a link.

Storage Space an Essential Part of Home Staging

Some DIY home stagers tackle the problem of too much stuff by shoving it in closets and cupboards. When home storage spaces are jammed to the rafters potential home buyers will perceive this as not enough space. Follow the 50% rule. Make sure storage areas are de-cluttered and well organized.

Donation Box

Keep a donation box handy at all times. When you come across something you no longer want, put it in the box. When the box is full, donate the box.